Adisseo Animal Nutrition (I) Pvt. Ltd.

Adisseo Animal Nutrition (I) Pvt. Ltd.
  • Contact Person : Mr. Ganesh Sundararajan/ Dr. Sachin Ingewar 
  • Address : 312/313, 3rd Floor, Berton Center, M.G.Road, Bangalore - 560001, Karnataka, India
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A leader in animal nutrition

Adisseo is a global leader in animal nutrition with an annual revenue of 1.22 billion euros and more than 2,600 clients.

Our mission is to provide products and services for animal feed additives with the best guarantee of safety for people and the environment.

In 2006, we joined the Bluestar Group, which facilitated our access to the Chinese market, the world’s largest growing market.
A word from our president: Adisseo is unique

Adisseo is a unique company, committed to sustainable growth based on the development of its core expertise.

Adisseo has a unique profile – that of a medium-sized company, a subsidiary of a Chinese group, and because of its geography, a European-based company oriented towards Asian markets.

We’re also unique for our investments in both industry and research, guaranteeing a competitive and innovative product offering and service.

Lastly, we’re unique for our nutritional and industrial expertise, for our innovative programs, products and services, and beyond that, for the skill and commitment of the men and women at Adisseo.

Thanks to these strengths, Adisseo strives to be the partner of choice for animal nutrition. Its mission is to improve the food chain by assisting key actors in animal nutrition.

We innovate, manufacture and sell around the world.

Our group has more than 1,800 employees across all continents.

Asia’s highly promising market represented 10% of our sales in 2013 and represents 40% today.