Eco-Mix Feed Formulation Software

Eco-Mix Feed Formulation Software
  • Contact Person : Mr. Y. Srinivas
  • Address : Flat - 101, H.No. 1-1-565, Bakaram, Musheerabad, Hyderabad - 500020, Telangana, India
  • Phone : 9849093200

    1) This software is window based and it is user friendly
    2) By Selecting Two buttons, you can prepare any kind of Balanced feed with Least cost
        a) Feed type
        b) Execute button
    3) Provided Nutrient values, Minimum & Maximum ranges of feed Ingredients
    4) Specifications for standard feed types are available as default. Even you can modify & compare with your feed type specification
    5) You can save money by using Eco-Mix Software
    6) Modifications like updating, creation of new Ingredients and Nutrient values can be performed very easily
    7) To reduce the cost of the feed, this software will indicate the Substitutes / Alternatives / Nutrient Sources of Ingredients with the rate as ascending order
    8) You can monitor Competitor feed cost/bag, Profit / Loss per ton
    9) You can monitor Shadow pricing / Opportunity cost / Cut-off price / Future costing of each Ingredient in the formula
    10) In every screen we have provided HELP button, so that user wont find difficulty using our Software