Gigola & Riccardi SPA

Gigola & Riccardi SPA
  • Contact Person : Mr. Gritti Alberto
  • Address : Via A. Volta, Cazzago S.M. - 25046, Italy
  • Phone : 39 030725368

w business, together with his partner Giuseppe Riccardi.
From 1986 till 1990 the focus of the company was the production and installation of agricultural machinery.
From the year 1990 and on, the business focused on the manufacturing of fans for the poultry, swine, greenhouses, dairy and industrial segments.
In 1995 the company started producing light traps for breedings and patented an innovative, efficient and easy-to-assemble plastic pad light trap system, which was patented in 1995 and was awarded as the “best invention of the year” from the Atlanta world famous poultry exhibition.
In 1998 the company started producing cooling pads as a necessary complement for the fans in the poultry segment (70/90 cooling pad) and later on started producing 50/90 cooling pads which are mainly addressed for humidification in other industries, rather than poultry (e.g. greenhouses, industrial, and others). According to the philosophy of the company and its innovative spirit in 2004 a new Cooling & Darkening pad was patented.
This product is still today unique and exclusive all over the world. This special z-pattern pad combines a higher cooling efficiency, compared to the classic pattern cooling pads with a darkening property that doesn’t allow light passage and increases performance with a lower pressure loss.
The success of the fans production was motivated by the quality of the products provided: robustness, durability, easy maintenance and performance (airflow and energy efficiency) have always been the key drivers on which the company has been building its reputation since almost 25 years.
In march 2015 the co-founder Antonio Gigola decided to retire from work and new partners (a group of entrepreneurs from Brescia) joined the company. The other partners (Mr. Gritti and the co-founder Mr.Riccardi) are still working within the company.
Gigola & Riccardi S.p.A. is now willing to keep on growing as a company, by investing on research and development of new products, and to provide its clients with the best production standard in response to the modern requirements.