Agrotop Ltd.

Address : P.O. Box:150, Moshav Timmorim, D.N.Shikmim,
Location : Tommorim | Phone : (972)-8-8611600 | Email : | Country : Israel

Agrotop is specializing in agricultural and industrial pre-fabricated construction &amp; Turnkey projects.<br /> <br /> The company was founded in 1989 as a subsidiary of Hapach Metal Industries, which has been dynamic in the domestic market for more than 60 years.<br /> <br /> Agrotop&#39;s company structure has two independent divisions, one focusing on the agricultural sector and the other on various types of industri...

LCGC Bio analytics solutions LLP

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We offer products for chromatography viz. HPLC columns, GC columns, spares & Consumables, accessories; Weighing Solutions & Thermal Division of Setaram products.

These products are from world renowned manufacturers such as:

Agilent Technologies , USA ( Zorbax HPCL Columns, J & W Range of GC Columns & Consumables); G. L. Science , Japan (Inertsil range of Columns); Daicel Chemical Industries Ltd. (Chiral Columns); L...

Suguna Foods Private Limited

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Welcome to India’s largest poultry enterprise!

Over a period of 25 years, Suguna has gone from strength to strength and has become a Rs. 5480 crore company that makes it India’s No. 1 broiler producer. Along the way, Suguna’s pioneering efforts in contract farming helped create thousands of rural entrepreneurs who share the growth successfully. "Poultry Integration" introduced and pioneered by Suguna in the country has ener...