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AB Mauri Pvt .Ltd

Product / Services Offered

Quantum Blue
Third generation thermostable phytase
Finase EC 5P
Second generation bacterial phytase
Econase XT
NSP enzyme for pelleted feed
Econase W250
NSP enzyme for mash feed
Econase MP
 NSP enzyme with main activity of mannanase
Nutriferm-Active dried yeast
Live yeast (Probiotic)
Nutriferm-Glucomannan complex
Yeast cell wall
AB TorSel
Selenium enriched yeast
Mannan Oligosaccharide and beta-glucan combination
AB Zorba
Mycotoxin binder
AB Zorba Xpel
Unique algae derived broad spectrum mycotoxin binder
AB O'gano
Concentrated mix of Oreganum essential oil
Natural rumen conditioner
Customizable flavours to enhance feed palatability

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