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Address :Post & village - Indamara NH-6 Rajnandgaon, Chhattisgarh

Place : Rajnandgaon

Contact Person : Digvijaya Swain

Contact Number : 7744 224069



Abis Exports (I) Pvt. Ltd.

IB Group is a growing conglomerate headquartered at Rajnandgaon, Chhattisgarh. It is recognized for its excellence in diversifying itself into a well-integrated business unit within a relatively short span of 35 years. It has interests in poultry, dairy, oil, animal feed and specialized pet food. The group today has evolved into an industry giant having strong research and development coupled with technological advancements. The poultry business, which forms the heart of IB Group, has adopted backward and forward integration successfully. The hatcheries under IB Group maintain high levels of hygiene and bio security arrangements. The group caters to approximately 60% of the population in Central India in table top eggs, chicken protein and dairy. IB Group holds the leadership position with the highest market share in fish feed and is focus to aggressively expand its ABIS Shrimp Feed division.  Furthermore IB Group extended its chicken retail business and added new products in its feed businesses. The Group has also joined hands with local farmers in setting up of partnership farms, thereby providing extended employability, promoting entrepreneurship and better income prospects. 
IB Group is responsible for setting and achieving objectives for its sustainable protein business development through:

  • Providing nutrition and protein security to the population of India which is 70% protein deficient
  • Optimal resource allocation and utilization for maximum attainable production
  • Retention and growth of its employees
  • Encouraging environmental and social development
With a vision to contribute to the gigantic task of providing nutrition through protein security to the Indian population, the Group has created an integrated agribusiness model with dynamic forward and backward integration process, state-of-the-art technology and futuristic thinking. Through it IB Group aims at uplifting the Indian rural farmers – (mostly poultry farmers, soy farmers, maize farmers, rice farmers, paddy farmers, and other grains) by including middle men and traders and boosting direct employment with real time payment facility. Furthermore the group aims in supporting the families of IB employees by distributing basic necessities of daily life to its employees by providing appliances and good at 0% interest. The group also aims to provide free education to children belonging from the backward villages of Chhattisgarh for building their better future. Today IB Group supports a direct workforce of 15,000+ and indirect employment of 15, 00,000 citizens across India. The group aims to support a direct workforce of 18,000+ and indirect employment of 20, 00,000 by next 2 years.
IB Group played a significant role in the progress and development of livestock poultry industry in India along with fisheries and dairy. Today, IB group is feeding 10% of Indian population through its chicken protein, which is the most economical source of animal protein. The group’s scientifically formulated fish feed offers immense advantages to Indian farmers in fish farming, ensuring minimization of pond pollution and cost and maximization of profit. The group aims to enhance its shrimp feed business in accordance with its social responsibility of creating employment and business opportunities for Indian farmers in aqua culture.
IB Group’s continuous endeavour to invest in best quality raw materials and implement modern state-of-the-art technology at its feed production units has been its success mantra. Presently, the group has a total production capacity of 1.5 M MT high-quality animal feed per annum and further aims to expand its feed capacity to 2M MT per annum. Besides it has the leadership position in edible oil in Central India and sustainable growth in poultry, dairy and specialized pet food.

Empowering Rural Education in a state-of-the-art infrastructure across Chhattisgarh
Mr. Bahadur Ali well known the fact the importance of right to education for children belonging from the rural economy, the backward villages of Chhattisgarh is the key part for better India. His indispensable contribution with the establishment of an English medium school, the Aziz Public School (APS) in Rajnandgaon along with 35 branches across Chhattisgarh with state-of-the-art infrastructure has a huge impact towards the betterment of the society. The school provides to over 7,500+ children free education, free uniform, free transport and free books and encourages participating in different types of co-curricular activities, chosen to develop an overall personality of a student.
With the vision to establish a society which is built on the foundation of responsible education, nutrition with the purpose of inclusive growth for all the diverse communities in our beautiful land, APS strives hard to bring out the best in students irrespective of the backgrounds by utilizing all resources at its disposal. Its mission is to provide health and education to the building blocks of our society at a nominal cost. The aim is to produce world-class professionals, managers, educators, entrepreneurs, who will in turn give back to the society.
At APS teaching is not a one-way process but a dialogue that involves the active participation of students. In this age of information, teachers are facilitators who guide and encourage the students towards a better tomorrow. The school is fortunate in having a highly qualified and motivated teaching faculty, many of whom are actively engaged in making the teaching learning process enjoyable. The work culture is genial and supportive, and team members help each other out constantly. They actively find better ways of helping children achieve through hands-on authentic experiences, and analyse data to keep students on track.
From the very beginning APS strengthened on fine social and communication skills, table manners, dressing sense to enhance the student’s level of confidence and make them presentable to the world outside. Faculties at Aziz Public School work rigorously on enhancing the strengths of the children to make them even stronger and weaknesses to overcome them completely. It’s indeed a satisfying experience to achieve the purpose of this school witnessing the students doing extremely well in their lives.

Doubling Farmers’ Income through “Parivartan – IB Group’s Socio-economic Initiative”
Two years ago, IB Group initiated awareness programs with an aim to acknowledge poultry farmers across India for their contribution towards the industry with “PARIVARTAN” A SOCIO-ECONOMIC INITIATIVES for bettering poultry farming and lives of poultry farmers in India associated with IBG. Through it IB Group strived to educate Indian farmers the importance of use of modern technology and automation in upgrading their poultry farms for better production, best FCR and doubling their income. So far “PARIVARTAN” has benefitted lives of over 500+ farmers across India. It is spread across 47,00,000 sq. ft. area across 12 states – Chhattisgarh, Odisha, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Telengana, Haryana, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh and Jammu & Kashmir.  In addition, over 72,21,341+ birds are reared and 13 Crores subsidy has been granted under the initiative. IB Group also emphasized “YOUNG INDIA ENTREPRENEURSHIP MOVEMENT” under PARIVARTAN, which aims to encourage young India to associate with IB Group and encourage rural development.
Creating Young Enterpreneurship through Parivartan GEN NXT- IB Group’s Socio-Economic Initiative”
Mr. Bahadur Ali initiated several awareness programs with an aim to acknowledge poultry farmers across India for their contribution towards the poultry industry. After the successful completion of two-years, Parivartan a Socio-Eeconomic initiative has stepped into “PARIVARTAN GEN NXT” Providing Modern and technologically advanced Poultry business avenues, New Entrepreneurship for young Indians in Poultry Business and Helping Next generation of Poultry business with next generation Technology to deliver best in class performance in Poultry Industry.

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