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Address :P.O. Box:150, Moshav Timmorim, D.N.Shikmim,

Place : Tommorim, Israel, 79860

Contact Person : Mr. Ben Van Dijk Dijk

Contact Number : (972)-8-8611600


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Agrotop Ltd.

Agrotop is specializing in agricultural and industrial pre-fabricated construction & Turnkey projects.
The company was founded in 1989 as a subsidiary of Hapach Metal Industries, which has been dynamic in the domestic market for more than 60 years.
Agrotop's company structure has two independent divisions, one focusing on the agricultural sector and the other on various types of industrial construction.
At the Agro-technology Division, Agrotop primarily constructs poultry & livestock farms and supported plants as Feed Mills, Hatcheries, Slaughterhouse and others.
Agrotop has set up farms for breeders, broilers and layers a thousands of square meters each year and become a world leader in this field with the most experienced, knowledgeable and reputation.
At the industrial Division, our company is geared both for "design and build" projects and for carrying out projects designed by others. Agrotop Ltd. undertakes projects for major businesses in Israel as well as private clients and concerns, and is well regarded as a reliable, high-quality company.
Agrotop has developed an international reputation and exports Agro-technology projects to many countries around the world. Agrotop cooperate with world class suppliers.
In all its operations Agrotop makes quality and reliability its top priority, and puts the client and his needs first.

Product / Services Offered

Agriculture Division of Agrotop - Equipment
The cages are assembled one on top of the other up to 8 tiers height. A catwalk may be installed between the 4th and 5th levels. Each cage houses between 7 and 9 layers, so that the floor space per bird is matching desired standards. The automatic feeders are capable of distributing food very quickly, by means of a conveyer chain or feed trolley. The speed of distribution ensures a uniform, equal portion of food for each bird in the house.
Drinking water is provided through nipples installed on the inner side of the partitions between cages.
Eggs are collected automatically on conveyor belts running to the head of the rows, and a system of lift or elevators and crosswise conveyor bring the eggs to the collection table or to the farm packer in the egg storeroom.
The tiers of cages are separated by belts on which manure accumulates. Independent ventilation systems that are an integral part of the equipment dry the manure by blowing air onto the belts. Every two or three days the conveyors are activated and all the accumulated manure is transported by conveyor belt and elevator into trucks directly outside the houses, which then take the dried manure to compost plants.
Perfect Construction of Broiler Houses
The modern broiler house has to provide ideal conditions for the broiler chicken to reach its genetic potential.A great deal of investment has been made into improving the broiler chickens through a process of genetic selection. The modern chicken grows much faster and has a much better feed conversion rate than 10-20 years ago. The downside is that the broiler chicken has to be given ideal conditions or it will not reach its genetic potential. Thus the house and its equipment must be designed and constructed to meet the broiler flocks needs as well as the economic needs of the farmer.
Egg Handling and Sorting
The eggs are conveyed to the egg sorting area, which may be built as an extension of the house and an integral part of it, usually needed for small operation , when we need to handle with high capacity we will recommend for set up in a separate building, which will have sorting and packing machinery and be able in no time to be distribute to the consumers.

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