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Address :Plot No 107,Near Sai Baba Temple, Mithra Hills,Nizampate Road,

Place : Hyderabad, Telangana, India, 500072

Contact Person : Mr. K. Siva Shankara Reddy

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Asian Poultry Equipments

“ASIAN POULTRY EQUIPMENTS” a manufacturing unit in HYDERABAD has started its operations with a highly qualified and experienced Professionals like K.sivareddy, D,Srinivasa Rao and B.A.Nageswara Rao.These professionals consistently work to bring innovative ideas in design and Manufacturing of all kind of incubators, setting trays, hatcher baskets and spare parts.
Competition, determination and professionalism are the company values that contribute to the continuous development of Asian Poultry Equipments and allow the company to face with composure and zeal new market challenges.The main motto of our company is to manufacture quality equipments and to meet our client’s expectations. We never compromise on quality for quantity commitments.We serve our client’s with timely deliveries at competitive prices. We are able to win the trust and confidence of our clients with our honesty, commitment and integrity
We are the best choice for our customers due to various attributes and innovative technologies incorporated in equipment:

  • Full automated special display of digital controls with electronic PCB Panel box
  • If digitals are not working ,automatically manual controls (contact thermometers) will work.
  • If heaters doesn’t work in any case there is a automatic backup heater will turn on
  • Provide Alaram facility to indicate Low and High Temprature
  • Safety Fuse blow indicators.
  • 3mm Thickness for body Aluminum channels
  • Using Export Quality Decarative hylam sheets (2.5mm)
  • Using Body back hylam sheets of 7.5mm
  • All kind of Indian incubators Hatcher basket (180 eggs capacity)
  • All kind of Indian incubators Hatcher basket (90 eggs capacity)
  • Petersime hatcher basket (150 eggs capac ity)
  • Pas-reform All hatcher basket (150 eggs capac ity)
  • All kind of Indian incubators setter eggs tray (102 eggs capacity)
  • All kind of Indian incubators setter eggs tray (90 eggs capacity)
  • Chick transportation box ( 150 chicks capacity )
  • Chick transportation box ( 100 chicks capacity )
We are supplying all over the India and Asian countries.

Product / Services Offered

  • Full automated wide display of digital controls with electronic PCB Panel box (We developed this design first time in India)

  • If digitals are not working, automatically manual controls (contact thermometers) will work (We developed this Technology first time in India) )This incubator working 25 amps L&T contactor (Normal incubator will work on 5 amps or 15 amps Micro switch).

  • Heaters are operated by 12 amps relays (We developed this is the first time in India, Normal incubators are operating with 5 amps relays only).

  • Provided Alarm facility to indicate Low and High Temperature.Safety Fuse blow indicators.Turning timer with counter.Round Heaters with 19mm brass and nichrome elements with ceramic powder and provide 2 additional heaters for backup and these heaters will turn on automatically when low temperature.(We developed this feature also first time in India).

  • All MS&GI materials are coated with powder and electroplating Wide Cabin mirrors provided for better visible of wet and dry thermometers and inside view.Fan wings are special design made by Aluminum for easy air flow.

  • Fan spindle weight reduced approx from 6kgs to 2kgs to speed up the Fan RPM.

This Tray is made up of with ABS natural (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) virgin material.
Hatcher Basket for 150 Eggs
  • This basket is used for Pas reforms Hatchers
  • This basket is made up of with virgin PP (Polypropylene) material.
This basket is made up of with PP (Polypropylene) material.

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