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Address :C-2/153, Arman-C, 1st Lane, dahanuka Colony Cothrud Road,

Place : Pune, Maharashtra, India, 411038

Contact Person : Dr. Kishore. M. Yembarwarwar Yembarwarwar

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Ayugen Pharma Pvt. Ltd.

Ayugen Pharma is an innovative animal health company ,professionally managed, and founded by technocrats having more than 20 years of experience in animal health industry.
Since it’s inception in 2007 Ayugen Pharma has been one of the leading innovators in animal health & feed additive market.
Ayugen Pharma is presently engaged in manufacturing and marketing of innovative quality products to protect, nourish & improve performance of poultry ,aqua & animal health sector.
Ayugen Pharma has also collaborated with other global companies manufacturing high quality products to market their product in India.
We have developed strong and dedicated distributor network in all parts of India.
We have encouraged a culture that flourishes in the pursuit of higher standards of quality and excellence. Professionalism, integrity and accountability are main pillars of our endeavour.
Our primary goal is to provide quality products & services to improve animal health with high performance & customer satisfaction.

Product / Services Offered

Emulsifier - LYSOMAX
The Effective Nutritional Emulsifier
Broilers / Layers /: 500gm per ton of feed.
Chicks / Growers /

  • Improves weight gain and FCR.
  • Improves immunity.
  • Increases profitability
Layers & Breeders
  • Helps in achieving proper body weight during growing period.
  • Reduces number of pullet eggs.
  • Reduces feed cost by better digestion and absorption of nutrients.
VACC-SHIELD is a true vaccine protector. It is to be mixed with water, when vaccine is administered through drinking water method.
COMPOSITION : Each 100 gm contains
Chlorine deactivator
Metal ion binder
pH stabilizer
Food grade colour
Ingredient to protect vaccine virus from thermal shock
Herbal immunomodulator
  • Binds chlorine present in water ,thereby increases vaccine viability.
  • Food grade colour in it, gives blue colour to beak and tongue of birds.
  • It helps in evaluating correctness of vaccination procedure.
  • Binds metal ions present in water, thereby increases vaccine viability.
  • Special ingredients in it,helps to stabilize the pH of water, thereby helps in vaccine viability.
  • Special ingredient in it helps in protecting vaccine virus from thermal shock.
Pentatone - ANTI STRESS liquid feed supplement
  • On arrival of chicks.
  • During stress conditions like – heat stress, transportation stress, deworming stress
  • Production stress.
  • During vitamin deficiency
  • During antibiotic therapy


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