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Address :Plot no 75 sec 3 HSIIDC, Karnal Haryana-132001 INDIA

Place : Karnal, India

Contact Person : Mr. Vipin Sardana

Contact Number : 7082406668



Carus Laboratories Pvt. Ltd.

Carus possesses FAMI qs (Feed Additive and Premixture Quality System) approved state of the art manufacturing plant to manufacture feed supplements of highest quality on GMP guidelines spread in an area of 1,19,000 sq. feet (covered area 37,000 sq. feet )

  • Liquid section has capacity of 12000 liters/day (extendable up to 24000 liters/day)
  • Powder section has capacity of 10 tons/day (extendable up to 20 tons/day)
  • Equipped with ultra modern amenities and highly qualified team
Field force of more than 300 professionals visiting more than 25000 veterinarians, dairy farmers & feed manufacturers .
Dealer network of 675, catering 60-65?ttle population in India
Well equipped lab with modern amenities.
Well trained and qualified technical staff

Product / Services Offered

COMPOSITION Each 100 ml contains L-Carnitine … Choline chloride … Excipients qs INDICATION Corrects fatty liver conditions , Stress conditions(Start up flocks , After vaccination , Feed transition period , Heat stress) , Prevent liver dysfunctions , correct digestive disturbances , Enhance overall performance , In animals when fed a lithogenic diet (high in oil, fat, cholesterol ) FEEDING RECOMMENDATIONS Poultry : 2-4 liter /1000 liter for 5 days , Cow, Buffalo & Horse : 100 ml/day for 5-10days , Calf : 20 ml/50 kg for 5 days , Sheep, Goat :20 ml/day for 5 days , Pig : 20-40ml./day for 5 days , Foal : 25 ml/day for 5 days , Dogs & Cats : 2 ml/5kg body weight for 5 days PRESENTATION : 1 litre, 5 Litre.
COMPOSITION Each 100ml. Contains- Total Flavonoids … Total Phenolic content … Methionine Hydroxyanloge … Potassium citrate … Ammonium chloride … Sorbitol … INDICATIONS Improves activity of kidney & whole excretory system FEEDING RECOMMENDATION Poultry:0.5ml/Lit. in drinking water WITHDRAWAL TIME: Nil Slight haze or sedimentation does not affect efficacy of the product PACKING: 1 litre & 5 litre
Carus ADEC
COMPOSITION Contains per ml: Vitamin A, retinol palmitate … Vitamin D3 , cholecalciferol … Vitamin E, tocopherol acetate … Vitamin C, ascorbic acid … Excipients q.s INDICATIONS: Prevention or treatment of vitamin A, vitamin D3 , vitamin E and vitamin C deficiencies in farm animals , Prevention or treatment of stress (caused by vaccination, diseases, transport, high humidity, high temperatures or extreme temperature changes) , Improvement of feed conversion. SIDE EFFECTS: No undesirable effects are to be expected when the prescribed dosage regimen is followed. FEEDING RECOMMENDATIONS: For oral administration. Poultry and swine : 1 litre per 4000 litres of drinking water for 3 - 5 days. Calves, goats and sheep : 1 ml per 40 kg body weight for 3 - 5 days. Cattle : 1 ml per 80 kg body weight for 3 - 5 days. WITHDRAWAL TIME: Nil PACKAGING: 1litre.
Carus ES
COMPOSITION: Contains per ml: Vitamin E, tocopherolnacetate … Sodium Selenite. … Excipients q.s INDICATIONS: Vitamin E deficiencies (like decreased hatchability in eggs, infertility problems, encephalomalacia, muscular dystrophy, exudative diathesis,) in poultry, calves, cattle, goats, , sheep and swine, Prevention of iron intoxication after administration of iron to piglets. SIDE EFFECTS: No undesirable effects are to be expected when the prescribed dosage regimen is followed. FEEDING RECOMMENDATIONS: For oral administration Poultry
Carus ORT
Composition: Contains per ml Dextrose … Sodium chloride … Glycine … Sodium Dihydrogen phosphate … Potassium chloride … Sodium Citrate … Excipients q.s INDICATIONS: Prevention or treatment of dehydration caused by diarrhoea in calves, cattle, goats, poultry, sheep and swine SIDE EFFECTS: No undesirable effects are to be expected when the prescribed dosage regimen is followed. FEEDING RECOMMENDATIONS: For oral administration through drinking water: Poultry : 1 litre per 750-1000 litres of drinking water for 2 - 4 days. Calves, cattle, goats, sheep and swine : Twice daily 50 ml per litre of drinking water for 2 - 4 days. - WITHDRAWAL TIME: None. PRESENTATION: 1 litre
Carus coxy
COMPOSITION Vitamin K3 … Monensin … Inactive Yeast … Toxin Binder … Calcium … Excipients ... INDICATION: It is used to prevent coccidia in broiler & turkey FEEDING RECOMMENDATIONS: It is used by mixing 1 kg Carus coxy in 1 ton of feed STORAGE Must be stored in cool, dry, dark and moisture free places PRESENTATION: 5 kg
Carus TBFP
Composition: Clinoptilolite (Tectosilicates) … Phyllosilicates … Mannan oligosaccharides (MOS) … Organic acids & Salts … Natural antimicrobials … Organic Chlorine … Excipients q.s DESCRIPTION: Clinoptilolite is one of the most potent toxin binding clay on earth with: (Total surface area equal to or more than 800sq. meter/gram , Pore size of 50 micron i.e optimum porosity to bind wide range of mycotoxins , CEC i.e cation exchange capacity approx = 55 Meq. Ideal , Clinoptilolite & phyllosilicate combination ensures binding wide range of toxins and not the nutrients and vitamins) , MOS binds non polar larger molecules of mycotoxins & improves immune health , Organic acids (blend of propionic acid and formic acid) acts as a feed preservative, antifungal and antibacterial in stomach , Curcumin is a potent antifungal & antimicrobial , Organic chlorine is a feed preservative that does not react with organic matter (nutrients) in the feed BENEFITS Improves herd health, production and reproduction of animal , Ensures feed safety , Ensures proper growth , Ensures feed conversion ratio FEEDING RECOMMENDATIONS Poultry /Swine/Cow/Buffalo/: 500 gm -2 kg. per ton of. feed depending upon contamination or as directed by veterinarian or nutritionist . PRESENTATION : 20 kg. bag

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