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Chistiya Poultry Services

Mr. N. H. Saiyed Founder of Chishtiya Poultry Services (formerly Chishtiya Gas Service), the company established on 1st July, 1996 and started manufacturing gas operated Brooders for brooding day old chicks exclusively in poultry farms.

Chishtiya Poultry Services has proud of giving India's first indigenous 'GAS BROODER' to the Poultry Industry in the country. Today, it is spread all over India and, surrounding countries with its impression of "Zero Defect Product". Another feather in our cap is, we have again maintained our status as the manufacturer of India's first indigenous 'LPG Space Heater' which is very economical in comparison with the conventional brooding system.

With over 10 years experience in the poultry sector, along with a full team of highly skilled engineering and technical staff, CHISHTIYA have established themselves a one of the leading national manufacturers and exporter of poultry equipments. A high level of specifications, technological development with in-house R&D and feedback with the customer allow us to offer the right equipments a the right price.

Today, with the help of our practical R&D alongwith customer satisfaction company produces wide range of poultry keeping equipments for industry with high quality raw material back-up and strict quality control.We have a vide distribution network & after sales service in country through all leading Integrators, Hatcheries, Farmers, Doctors & Consultants and our authorized dealers.

Product / Services Offered


The Bell Drinker can be used from day old to maturity. The drinkers ensures continuous and distributes supply of water. Its independent valve mechanism ensures steady flow of water. The level nut as designed. The height of the drinker can be adjusted with the rope chord. The ballast filled with water provides stability to the drinker.


  • Very easy to operate

  • Very less components

  • As the spring does not contact with the water, it works well even when peroxide sanitisers are administered in the water

  • Special exit system in the valve give instant water on demand

  • No metallic contact of the water from the tank to the birds gives a hygienic water to the birds

  • Special extended ballast prevents the birds sitting under the drinker


The Chick Feeder is designed to helps new born chicks to consume feed easily from day old. It reduces feed wastage and thus increase the feed conversion ratio. The quantity of feed level in the pan can be regulated with the help of the adjustment slots provided in the feeder bucket. The chick grill restrict the chicks inside the feeder thus control feed wastage,chick feeder extension (funnel) is also available for easy pouring of feed. The two way stand helps to maintain the height of chick feeder.



  • The first indigenous Gas Brooders manufacturer in India

  • Economical in comparison with conventional brooding system

  • Precision engineered by the expert

  • Affordable price to even small farmers

  • Can be installed & operated easily by any average operator

  • Heat resistant infra red SS perforated bulb for long lasting strength

  • All time uniform temperature

  • Easy maintenance

  • SS washable filter provided for better efficiency

  • One year warranty from the date of purchase

  • Spares easily available on order

  • Two brooders can be used by the single gas cylinder

  • 5 years replacement guarantee of Brooder Bulbs & Perforated Housing



  • The first indigenous Flame Gun for poultry use manufactured in India.
  • Precision Engineered by the experts.
  • Affordable price to even small farmers.
  • Can be installed & operated easily by any average operator.
  • Easy Maintenance, Spares easily available on order.
  • The carbonless, Force full Flame.
  • The real disinfectant for micro bacteria.
  • Increase your farm safety against danger viruses presents in shed/vehicle/cage/feather litter etc. & prevent from Disease.
  • Effective & economy disinfections system.
  • Important role plays against Bird Flu viral.
  • One year warranty from the date of purchase.

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