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Francis Engineering Works

Plastic Industry today is growing at a breathtaking rate. Our mentor Mr. Daniel Fernandes, equipped with vast experiences in Plastics and with a careful study of the future demand for Plastic Poultry Equipment established Francis Engineering Works in 1998.
Today the Brand “FAMILY – Poultry Equipment” has been able to establish itself as an eminent Manufacturer in this domain. With high managerial skills, in-depth industry knowledge, fair business dealings, positive attitude and motivating persona has helped the brand in mustering a large number of customers Pan India.
In the early years, Francis Engineering Works a Sister Concern of Daniel & Sons Group a Global Leader in Mould manufacturing concentrated and managed to keep investing large portion of capitals and manpower in new products design and development, which at the same time enabled the entrepreneur to stay in competitive rank in the rapid evolution of Plastics as well as with the ever growing Poultry industry.
Ever since its inception, the relentless quest for quality has made our products a resounding sucess in india.
Mission : Quality, Quality & Quality has been the top most priority in our mission in manufacturing equipment. At Family Plastics Quality is not an act it is a habbit.
Vision: Quality should never be an accident, it always has to be the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillfull execution. it should represent the wise choice of many alternatives.

Product / Services Offered

Chick Feeder 1001 and Feeder 2001
Feeder 1001
The most common type of feeder that is recommended is a round feeder for smaller and Grower chicken breeds, that comes with a Grill which helps keep chickens from chafing their necks or heads while trying to eat their scratch, The grill gives each bird a perfect place to poke its beak into and get food.
The devise incorporates feed flow adjustment making the feeder suitable for all types of feed. The handle also acts as the support from which the feeder can be hung. The central hole in the handle allows the feeder to hang straight and in level preventing the feed from being wasted by the feeder tipping over as it cannot be knocked over allowing both the food and the floor to stay clean and in place.
Two way unbreakable Plastic Stand helps in mounting the equipment to desired heights, Chick feeder extension is also available for easy pouring of feed.
The specially designed Grill for FEEDER 1001 restricts entry of chicks thus controlling feed wastage.
Feeder 2001
Feeder 2001 is innovative stand alone heavy duty feeder which can hold up to 7.5 kgs of feed and yet it cannot be knocked over, feed wastage is eliminated resulting in achievement of high feed consumption by the birds with its large capacity it can be used free - standing or hanging. Large holding capacity reduces labour and time, Feeder 2001- Cone comes with a 3 level adjustor wherein one can set feed levels as per the bird size, We recommend setting the feeder at Max level in case Chicks are to be nourished, and set the Equipment to Minimum level in case You are feeding the Grower Chicken.
Height Adjustment in Feeder 2001 is hassle free and can be easily transformed using the height adjustor provided in the Cord assembly. Feeder Extension is another feature that can be fitted on the Cross section of the Feeder Cone grills and is available in two sizes of 25 mm for Chicks and 35 mm for the Grower birds respectively.
With the Feeder 2001 – Birds of all sizes and ages are able to manoeuvre through the feeder without hurting themselves, and they can and give those chickens every bit of tasty scratch they could desire, built of polypropylene plastic material, the feeder is Strong enough to last for many seasons and can face any types of weather.
While round 2001 feeder is safer for the chickens neck and face, The hanging feeder is excellently designed and includes a feed saver grill. This grill will help prevent chickens and roosters from shaking their heads from side to side which pushes feed out of the feeder. Not only does this come in handy for the chickens, they are also easy to clean, Stack and transport.
Regular & Large Automatic Drinkers
Bell shape - Designed as per International specifications - accepted universally.
Material – Virgin grade plastic polyethylene
Drinkers are designed and made out of a rugged high-impact grade of plastic specially formulated to withstand the ravages of the active broiler house for years. . Automatic Chicken drinkers are available in various sizes.
An average size adult chicken will need to drink up to 500 ml (1/2 litre) of water everyday depending on the temperature. Water should be constantly available whilst the chickens are active during the day. Chicken drinkers are designed to be large enough that the hens can‘t knock it over. Once they go in to roost chickens don‘t need access to a drinker.

Automatic Drinkers can be brought in use for birds ageing from day one to an fully grown –up hen which weighs around 1.5 kgs, the inimitably designed down spout allows the birds to consume water easily, The volume of water flow depending on the number of birds, size and climatic conditions can be controlled simply by rotating the water level knob.
The core assembly unit has an inbuilt Height adjustor that manages to keep the equipment suspended above ground at desired levels and the unique inbuilt valve prevents water from overflowing which is strongly supported by the ballast that’s comes as a part of the assembly unit, which reduces pendulum and or oscillating movement you only need to make sure that the ballast is filled with water. This simple yet distinctive design helps in maintaining hygiene and a clean dry area at your farm
The large automatic drinker with more trench space makes it the most favourite with both the breeders and commercial Boilers.
Hanging automatic Chicken Drinkers are connected to a low pressure supply such as a water butt or header tank.
Hose Shutt Off
Hose shut off valve is specially designed for the "Regular & Large Automatic Drinkers", hose shut off valve helps in operating individual drinker especially during brooding, vaccination through water and special medication.

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