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Address :Gartech House, 128/4, Devika Garden, Baner Road,

Place : Pune, Maharashtra, India, 412108

Contact Person : Mr. Harish Garware

Contact Number : 020 - 65101438, 9822


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Gartech Equipments Pvt. Ltd.

GARTECH EQUIPMENTS PVT. LTD. is situated in major industrial city, Pune in India. It has well-selected & experienced team of professionals and technicians from the field of Poultry automation. This is a very specialized sector catering to the needs of technology savvy & progressive poultry farmers. The aim of GARTECH is to continuously upgrade the technique and equipment's used by the Poultry farmer to help him achieve the best productivity.Our State of the art manufacturing facilities are located at Chale which is about 30 kms south-west of Pune with total production area currently at 60,000 sq. feet and growing. We are now the largest exporters of Poultry Equipment's from India.
Our Vision is to bring innovation to the forefront in all aspects of the business. We strive towards building a healthy society by delivering more than what is expected.Our Mission is to provide our customers the ultimate quality products in order to create and maintain long lasting and profitable relationships with our customers, vendors and employees.
The company is always striving to meet the high expectations related with this with its qualified staff and with continuously high quality and trend-setting innovations.

Product / Services Offered

  • Technically simple and reliable construction.
  • Our Egg Collection System Made from highly galvanized sheets and powder coated to avoid rusting.
  • 0.5 HP motor resulting in Low running costs.
  • Very gentle egg handling
  • Our egg collection system is very high resistance and washable, Polypropylene egg belt.
  • Absorbs egg broken during transport process without dirtying other eggs.
  • Cracked and unformed eggs are disposed before they reach to the collection tray.
  • Reduces dependability on man power.
  • Suitable for conveying distances of up to 600 feet.
  • Layer cage with Unique center cool system with 100% Ventilation.
  • Best layer cage for Hot (TROPICAL) climate.
  • Height adjustable leg ensures perfect alignment.
  • Accu-level feed trolley, a unique mechanism for one way feed dispensing, level control and trough cleaning.
  • Spacious open space above every layer cage allows each bird, room enough to breath easily and expose its comb and wattles outside the cage for cooling.
  • Sliding doors enables easy & convenient bird handling at the time of inductions, vaccination and removal.
  • Layer cage comes with a Strong and anti-corrosive feed trough made of aluminum alloy.
  • Value for money.
  • Available from 13M2 to 25M2 volumes.
  • Made from Roll formed highly Galvanized sheets.
  • Heavy duty structure.
  • High quality, durable Auger Conveyors
  • Also available with load cells for measuring quantity of feed in silo.
  • Specially made water proof rivets are used to avoid rusting.
  • No chance of water percolating inside the silo.
  • 0.5 to 1.5 HP motor resulting in Low running costs.
  • One feeder from day old to finish.
  • Avoids feed wastage during early rearing period.
  • Pan Feeding System comes with auto feed level adjustment
  • Auto Pan Depth adjustment to suit day old & grownup birds.
  • Avoids feed contamination due to mixing of litter in the feed.
  • Auto chick grill ensures minimum feed wastage and in turn increases profitability.
  • Feed shuts slide enables farmer to shut-off feed where there are no birds.

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