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Hard Case Engineering Works Pvt. Ltd.

Hardcase Engineering was launched by Late Shri.Ghanshyam Shantaram Shete, a technocrat of excellence, in the year 1957. Mr. Shete was the first to develop and manufacture Chaff Cutters in India to chaff fodder for cattle in dairy industry and then went on to develop and manufacture the first feed mixer & grinder in India. He developed products and the company, step by step until it grew to a status when it bagged huge orders for feed milling plants from UNICEF against global tenders.
To-day Hardcase Engineering is run by Mr.G.S.Shete's two sons Mr. Rajive Shete and Mr.Ashish Shete. Traditionally the business priority at Hardcase has been Quality and Service. A customer base of over 1,500,  spread across the length and breadth of India is a testimony of this policy, not to mention the customer base in the Gulf and other neighbouring countries. The customer base constitutes Govt. enterprises, Research institutes, Universities and Private Enterprises.
Located in Hyderabad, a prominent poultry pocket in South India, Hardcase has a full fledged manufacturing facility and a modern CAD equipped design office, a well equipped machine and fabrication shop and a complete team of engineers, technocrats and professionals, capable of designing, manufacturing and installing large PLC based, fully automated feed milling plants, up to 400 tons per day capacity.. Hardcase group employs about 150 Indians, directly and indirectly. Hardcase has a extensive product range with technology in line with the latest. The product range includes R&D products like a full plant to utilize crop residues to produce ruminant feeds, chaff cotters for diary farms, apart from a wide capacity spectrum feed milling equipment like Hammer Mills, Mixers, Pellet Mills, Coolers, Crumblers etc.
Hardcase is a member of Federation of Andhra Pradesh Chamber of Commerce & Industry (FAPCCI), CLFMA of India, Engineering Export Promotion Council,(EEPC), all prominent bodies in respective fields.
Hardcase represents a company called Insta-Pro Of USA for selling Dry Extruders and PTN of Netherlands for selling Feed Compactors and large capacity pellet mills in India

Product / Services Offered

The Hardcase Full Screen Grinder is so called because the screen within the grinder is covering almost the entire circumference of the grinder. The shape of the screen resembles a pearl drop. It has been evolved that this shape delivers the best grinding efficiency. The grinder could be used for coarse and fine grinding of a wide range of material viz;
  • Maize ,soya bean, oil cakes
  • Dry grains, pulses and cereals
  • Dry food products.
  • Feed like poultry, cattle etc. & dry chemicals.
    Salient Features:
    Largest possible screen coverage- High output
    The grinder has the largest possible screen coverage, leaving just enough space for inlet of material. Large screen area, even logically, means higher output.
    Directly coupled motor - Best transmission efficiency

    When the motor is directly coupled, the transmission efficiency is the best because there are practically no transmission losses, like in belt drives. Thus the entire power is used in the work of grinding. This ensures excellent power to output ratio and resulting in lower production cost.
    Lower RPM**- Lower wear & tear
    The grinder rotates at a comparatively low RPM, while maintaining correct tip speed, thus reducing the wear on hammers, bearing etc. This directly reflects in lower spares consumption eventually resulting in lower production cost.
    Bi- Directional rotation - Convenience

    The grinder is designed to operate in both directions. Rotate clock wise - use one side of hammer - change direction of rotation to anti clock wise - change deflector position, by operating a lever -- use second side of hammers. This saves shutting down of production to change hammers.
    Heavy Construction Longer life
    Construction is robust to give long life and smooth operation.
    Feeding Arrangement.
    Feeding arrangement for feeding material into the grinder is by means of a rotary vane feeder. Driven by a variable speed drive
    Coarse or fine grinding.
    If desired product is fine, a separate air assistance system may be essential depending upon the fineness itself and the characteristic of the material.
The Hardcase Ribbon Type Blender / Mixer is a fast and efficient blender to blend practically any dry powders, from food products to chemicals. This blender is particularly recommended to blend material having different particle sizes and varying densities. The blender/ mixer can deliver a CV in the range of 3 to 6.The ribbons are so arranged so as to move the material from centre to sides and back from sides to centre. This movement of material from centre to sides and back thoroughly blends the material.
The blender is carefully designed so as to thoroughly blend material, offering minimum resistance. The discharge is from the center through a discharge gate. The discharge gate moves on nylon rollers and is operated by a rack and pinion arrangement. Gate could as well be pneumatic cylinder operated running through out the length.
The blenders can be constructed in Mild Steel (MS) or Stainless Steel (SS) depending upon the material to be blended.
The blender operates between 20 and 40 RPM. Various drive options are available. Combination of worm gear box with spur gear or helical gear box directly coupled to blender/mixer.
The pellet mill is a machine to convert mash feed into pellets which in effect is to densify the feed. The process of pelleting basically is to:
a) Condition mash feed by adding steam.
b) Press the conditioned mash through a die hole using a roller.
  • Robustly engineered, mild steel welded construction of the mill housing.
  • A central lubrication system through drilled holes in the main shaft for continuous lubrication of the main rotor and roller bearings.
  • Chrome steel, gun drilled, vacuum hardened die(imported) and two rollers. Heavy duty spherical roller bearings for the rotor and the die.
  • The conditioners and the feeder from stainless steel, for longer life and trouble free operation. Hinged doors in the conditioner for regular cleaning & maintenance.
  • The conditioner paddles are easily adjustable to regulate retention time. The main hinged door is clad with stainless steel on the inside.
  • Simple sliding roller assembly for quick replacement of die and rollers. The sprout from the conditioner to the die is from stainless steel with a built in permanent magnet.
  • Shear pin arrangement to protect against damage due to overload, caused by foreign objects. Main driven pulley is bolted to the rotor & both are dynamically balanced. Main drive is through "V" belt.

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