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Henke-Sass, Wolf GmbH

Henke-Sass, Wolf GmbH is one of the leading manufacturers of high quality, durable and reliable application and injection systems. The HSW products are innovative, user-friendly and are especially designed for their intended application in the veterinary field. The outstanding high quality product solutions are very well known and popular in the veterinary practice as well as in the pharmaceutical industry and with farmers.
To ensure easy and gentle treatment of the animals and economic and safe work conditions for the user, HSW presents at the Poultry India a number of new developments and innovations such as:

  • Our new pneumatic vaccinator for day-old chicks
  • Our new electrically driven Double Breast Vaccinator
  • Our new Spray Cabinet

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Product / Services Offered

HSW Double Breast Vaccinator
The electrically driven vaccinator enables a double vaccination into the breast muscle of chickens. Due to a LED touchscreen guided chicken positioning, precise dosing syringes, several safety features as well as high-quality components an optimal and equal vaccination result can be achieved.
HSW Pneumatic Vaccinator
The pneumatically driven vaccinator enables highest dosing accuracy for the vaccination of day-old chicks. Due to an adjustable trigger element, non-corrosive double stroke cylinders and high-quality components the device offers everything you need in the hatchery: fatigue-proof and continuous usage.
HSW Spray Cabinet
The spray cabinet has been designed for an equal vaccine application to day-old chicks by the coarse spray method. Adjustable volumes and crate sizes, high-quality stainless steel components as well as an unique spray nozzle enable an equal and effective distribution of the vaccine to the chicks.

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