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Interface Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd.

INTERFACE PHARMACEUTICALS PVT. LTD. - An ISO 9001:2015 (QMS) & WHO GMP, HACCP, ISO 22000:2005 (FSMS) certified company, has more than 20 years experience in providing true immunomodulators and immunotherapy products. We started with a vision to check antibiotics abuse in poultry & livestock, and to provide world class meat to everyone. In due course we have come out with number of research based products - PROTOFACE, INTERMUNE, PROTOMUNE, NUTRIGROW, CALFACE, GROWFAST-P, MULTIMUNE, READYMUNE are a few of them. 

In present scenario of frequent viral & bacterial problems, our products have shown their worth and are giving best of the results to provide highest standards of productivity as prescribed by the breed (breeder, broiler or layer). Our products are well accepted against Chicken Infectious Anemia Virus (CIAV), New Castle Disease Virus (ND), Infectious Bursal Disease (IBD), Inclusion Body Hepatitis (IBH), H9N2, H5N1, H5N8 etc. All the products can be used in any type of disease (Microbial or Viral).

Product / Services Offered

"A complete balance of all essential amino-acids to keep live stock healthy by enhancing the immunity at all stages of life."
Protoface offers significant improvement in livability early production, impressive feed conversion with high immunity and immuno-modulation. Protoface provides better vaccine titer at all stages of life.
Since antibodies are pure protein, importance of adequate supply of protein cannot be over - Emphasized during antibody production.
Protein requirements of growing animals during vaccinations can be enormous more over, plasma cells after continuous working die after 3-6 days and are replaced by a fresh lot. Production of new plasma cells again require a rich protein supply. Any defficiency of protein / amino acids at this stage will result in poor antibody production. In other words it will lead to increased susceptibility- for various diseases.
A Powerful New Combination that help body's deffence to work more effectively against various diseases by re-inforcing Immuno-compentence.
On any disease outbreak timely feeding of Intermune provides
» Uncompromised Titer Against All Vaccines
» Rapid Microbial & Viral Control
» Once Daily is Sufficient to Enhance Immunity to Control Diseases by Enhancing Body Defens
A Nutritional Way To Accelerate The Performance
Consistent performance of animal throughout life to make them stronger
  • Better Meat Ratio per kg. Live Weight
  • Better Livabilty

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