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Kemin Industries South Asia Pvt. Ltd.

Kemin is more than a supplier to our worldwide customers; we’re an information clearinghouse, an answer line, a laboratory, a researcher, a resource, and a partner. Customers come to us for answers – and solutions – to everything from animal health to human nutrition.
Our strong relationships are based on sharing information and resources, and this added value is largely responsible for Kemin becoming a worldwide industry leader. By hiring the best specialists and experts in the field, by sharing their research results, and by answering questions honestly and openly, you can be assured that high quality Kemin products are being used properly and to your best advantage.
Some of our added value may be unseen; however, it’s never unappreciated. From the consistent quality and sustainable growth of our plant-based ingredients to our bio-security and traceability efforts, our clients are assured of responsible actions through our supply chain.
The additional value we provide to you across our wide-ranging portfolio contributes to better understanding and fulfilled expectation that Kemin addresses your multiple needs.

Product / Services Offered

In today’s production systems, just having a better feed formulation does not translate to having better animal performance. ButiPEARL is an encapsulated intestinally released butyric acid for animal diets. The proprietary embedded core encapsulation produced by Kemin allows for a sustained release throughout the intestinal tract. This helps enterocyte proliferation which leads to better villi growth, maximizing animal performance.
  • A molecular solution for enterocyte replication.
  • Sustained release throughout the intestinal tract.
  • High content of butyric acid (50%) encapsulated using unique MicroPEARLS spray freezing process.
  • Superior handling characteristics with no odor or hygroscopic characteristics.
  • No problems with other feed ingredients – great followability of premixes and feed.
  • Full utilization of active ingredient along small and large intestine for a positive performance impact.
  • Profitable application
KemTRACEChromium, a highly bioavailable, organic source of chromium, is essential in helping swine, beef, and dairy cattle optimize energy use. The primary role of chromium in nutrient metabolism is to potentiate the action of insulin and improve glucose utilization in animals. Improving glucose utilization in cows and pigs can improve maintenance, reproduction, growth/performance, and immunity.
Enzymes promote efficient animal production by breaking down complex and varying substrates coming either from wheat or corn/soya based diets and from rations including a variety of alternative raw materials. Enzymes, and especially combinations of them, have become an important tool for nutritionists to keep feed costs under control, which is always important to livestock and poultry producers and even more so under today’s economic and environmental pressures.
KEMZYME is a stabilized multi-enzyme formulation developed by Kemin to improve the digestibility of raw materials, increase the nutrient level, improve animal performance, and reduce the cost of production.
  • Provides a complete and convenience option for complex substrates that require more than one enzyme activity for a complete solution. KEMZYME provides all needed activities in one product.
  • Increases the availability of energy and amino acids in all diets with complex substrates
  • Provides both exogenous and endogenous enzymes.
Naturox, a synergistic blend of natural-mixed tocopherols plus emulsifiers and chelators, is recognized as the industry-leading antioxidant system that has a proven track record of stabilizing a wide variety of petfood products. Not all “natural” antioxidants are created equal. Naturox products are formulated with:
The Naturox Advantage:
  • A synergistic blend of natural-mixed tocopherols for superior free radical absorption.
  • A natural chelator – lecithin – that helps prevent the formation of free radicals that start the autoxidation process.

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