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Moba Asia SDN BHD

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Grading eggs
The grading of eggs is required by law in many countries. Furthermore, eggs are graded for the convenience of consumers. A nice uniform size of eggs in a consumerpack is preffered over a collection of different sizes. The grading itself is based on the weight of eggs. Next to the weight, also the quality is very important. During the grading process eggs with defects (so called offgrades) are taken out of the consumer products. The offgrades can be used for different purposes and are often referred to as "industry eggs". These eggs will find their way depending on the quality to for instance bakeries,petfood or pharmaceutical industry.
Moba offers a whole range of egg grading machines. There are 2 families in grading equipment: handpackers and automatic graders. Automatic graders will ultimately place the eggs fully automatically in a tray or into a consumerpack while with handpackers only the grading is automated and the actual packing action is done manually.
Next to the grading of eggs, additional functions are needed in the total process of egg handling. It starts at the farm when eggs are not graded on the same location. In order to put eggs on trays and make them transportable, Moba produces various farmpackers, stackers and robots. After the actual grading process, robot solutions are available for further handling and packing.
All the above activities are found in this menu "Packing". Another Moba product -Maxipack- to pack chickens into plastic bags is also presented in this "packing" menu.
Moba Coenraadts
For more than 40 years, the Coenraadts egg breaking systems have been known for their sound construction, reliability and for the fact that they require only a minimum of maintenance. The straightforward construction enables trouble-free production time for years.

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