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Address :C-238, Turbhe MIDC, Savita Chemicals Road, Navi Mumbai - 400705

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GREETINGS from NARSIPUR CHEMICALS PVT LTD. India. As an introduction, we are an established (1989) and reputed ISO 9001:2008 certified manufacturing and exporting company, having completed 25 years of service to the POULTRY industry offering the best of Bio-Security products. We manufacture and export a wide range of Speciality Bio-Security Disinfectants for use in Poultry such as Water Acidifiers (pH-A), Water Sanitisers (ENCIVET-WT, ENCIMOX-PT,), Speciality Descalents (ENCIKLIN-PL56), Fumigant cum Litter Disinfectant (ENCIFORM-RM), Anti Cocci spray,(ENCICOC-CC), Chloramine T, Detergents Floor Cleaners (UNIDROP), IODOPHOR (ENCIPHOR-PLUS), Multi-spectrum spray Disinfectant (ENCIKOL-PH, C-909) etc., Our products are readily accepted, mainly because of their superiority, higher efficacy, besides economics. We regularly supply our products to reputed Hatcheries, Breeding and Commercial farms in India, besides exports. Regular use of our products helps maintain and improve HEALTH, HYGIENE and SANITATION, besides preventing Diseases to the birds and animals, thereby increasing productivity and profits. If you are interested to know more about us and our products, or if you are looking for high quality, higher efficacy Bio-security products and Farm Health Hygiene products, please visit our Web site at / or feel free to contact us at / Assuring you of our best attention. Best regards. Satyanand Rao Managing Director NARSIPUR CHEMICALS PVT LTD (An ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company) C-238, MIDC, Turbhe Navi Mumbai-400 705. India. Tel: +91 22 65131320 / 27631341 / 27671883 E-mail: Website: / REMEMBER: KEEP NIPPLES CLEAN – WITH ENCIKLIN BIRDS PERFORM BEST – WITH ENCIVET PREVENT DISEASES ALL – WITH ENCIKOL BIRDS BEST PERFORM – WITH ENCIFORM PRODUCTIVITY MORE – WITH ENCIPHOR GET THE RIGHT pH – WITH pH-A PREVENTION IS CHEAPER THAN CURE NARSIPUR – YOUR PARTNER IN POULTRY BIO-SECURITY, HEALTH, HYGIENE AND SANITATION

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Enciform - RM
Litter Fumigation – Enciform – RM is a powder disinfectant used for litter disinfection. It helps reduce ammonia in the poultry.It can be used for closed room fumigation.

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