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Address :1st floor,13 State Bank Colony, Shahu College road, Parvati,Pune

Place : Pune, Maharashtra, India, 411009

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Optima Life Sciences Pvt Ltd.

Optima Life Science Pvt. Ltd. is a leading animal Nutrition and health Company in India head quartered at Pune, Maharashtra (India). Optima Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd is a provider of cutting-edge technologies in the feed additives and animal health sector.
Optima Life Sciences Pvt Ltd Offer the following Services.

  • Feed Formulation / Nutritional advices
  • Poultry Health Monitoring Program
  • Feed Technology advices
  • Cutting edge technologies in feed additives & health sector
  • Proximate analysis of feed, Feed Ingredients
  • Microbiological analysis of feed, Feed Ingredients & Water
  • Serological Examination of N.D.

Product / Services Offered

Biocid + Dry Mode is a synergistic mixture of salts of Formic, Acetic, Propionic, Lactic, Fumaric, Butyric Acids and their free salts.
Biocid + Dry Triple action:
Acidification of Feed:
Reduced pH
Improved hygienic quality of feed
Reduced intake of pathogens
Acidification of Anterior gut:
PH reduction in crop
Effective and selective barrier against pathogen invasion
Acidification of Posterior gut:
Improved villi health
Improved absorption
Improved microbial balance
Improved immunity.
Biocid + Dry of Action
The efficacy of acids against pathogens is mainly based on the reduction of pH but also on the action of the not dissociated acid (figure)
Acid enters in the cell
Dissociatlion of Acid.
PH of cell decreases, which leads to energy expenditure to maintain the pH balance
Anion (RCOO) interferes DNA synthesis resulting disruption of protein synthesis
Broiler & Layer Breeders: 1-2 Kg /MT of feed
Commercial Broilers & layers: 500 gms - 1Kg /MT of feed
Betaine HCI, Aletobiose, Folic acid, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B ;), Co-Factors
OptiBetaine basically has two important metabolic functions:
It can serve as a Methyl donor and it helps in maintaining cellular Osmolarity.
Optilin - Advance is a new generation chemo - gaseous sterility with proven efficacy against Bacteria, Viruses, Fungi, Yeast, Molds, Mycoplasma a, Chlamydia and Spores.
On application it works as a contact sterilant and on drying, it works as a gaseous biocide e reaching areas which may have been missed out while applying. This property makes Optician - Advance an ideal sterility forareasthat can be sealed properly. Optilin - Advance has unparalleled efficacy in presence of organic matter and adverse conditions of water like pH, hardness, dissolved metallic ions, etc.
Salient features:
  • Unique triple synergistic system product
  • Fast acting and long lasting
  • Rapid cell wall penetration and effective protein binding ensures total lysis.
  • Reaches even to unreachable areas
  • Ideal product for sterilization of Hatcheries, setter, hatcher, hatching egg store room, properly enclosed empty sheds and allied areas.
  • Can be sprayed, fogged or applied as foam.

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