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Polaris Equipment Pvt. Ltd.

The Poultry Industry is fast developing sector in India. Modern farmers are always updating themselves with the latest technology. Be it construction of poultry shed as per international designs or modern equipments. Since 2006, Polaris Equipment Pvt. Ltd. is in the business of supplying Hi-Tech Poultry equipments to Poultry Farms in India. We are Business Associates for Roxell, Pericoli, Lubing & Specht. We under take turnkey projects. We are tied up with best of the companies across the globe supplying quality equipments like feeding, drinking, brooding, environment control system and battery cages. Our greatest strength.... The High Quality of our supplied products that guarantees long life and experienced technical team for after sales service.
Our Product Range:

  • Roxell Feeding System For Broilers / Breeders
  • Pericoli Ventilation Systems
  • Lubing Drinking System for Layers / Chicks & Breeders
  • Specht Cages
  • Complete range of equipments for E.C. Houses

Product / Services Offered

Haikoo Feeding System
Unique oval pan feeding system for broilers
Fantastic start up of day-olds
  • A low pan edge for easy access to the feed.
  • The large feeding surface offers optimal eating comfort. 360° flooding keeps the HaiKoo-pan full of feed.
  • The special grill design keeps young birds out of the pan from 10 days onwards.
  • With feed slots to attract birds.
Excellent control over feed costs
  • The unique, patented, HaiKoo-pan with high anti-waste rim eliminates practically all feed waste, even from day one.
  • The control unit ensures a fast and frequent delivery of fresh feed,leading to superior hygiene and outstanding feed conversion rates.
  • Handy feed level adjustment ring.
  • The deep feed trough in the pan keeps feed central.
  • The special cone wings prevent birds from flicking the feed.
1140 mm of feeding space
  • Offers up to 14% more birds per pan than most standard broiler pans.
  • Ideal for heavy broilers.
  • Ideal for controlled growth through light scheme feeding, mealtimefeeding and restricted feeding.
  • Ideal for increasing the stocking density without having to add feeder lines (e.g. when switching to tunnel ventilation and pad cooling).
Easy to clean and durable
  • Open structure with a smooth, closed rim for easy cleaning witha high pressure cleaner.
  • Hinged pan. Made of highly durable plastics to resist all commonly usedcleansing agents.
  • A 10-year-warranty.
Belt Battery Cages for Layers, Broilers & Breeders
The best cage for a better laying performance
The SPECHT belt battery is the result of a farsighted concept. The first battery with endless manure belts was introduced in 1967. Today’s battery systems are of more than 150 m overall cage length & 10 tiers. This cage also meets the legal requirements of modern poultry industry.
Battery mainframe
The basic structure exists of a modular design, which allows an easy and quick assembly. Possible extensions in a later phase can be carried out easily. The form-stable frame construction with supporting leg distances of 1,20 m permits the stacking 3, 4, 5 & 6 tiers constructions. Insertion type sidewalls add to the units inherent stability.
Lubing Drinking System
The nipple drinkers are supported with a V-channel underneath. They are reachable from both cage sides, so that per cage one is necessary.

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