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Address :1/4 Shiv Complex, Kondhwa Bundruk,

Place : Pune, Maharashtra, India, 411048

Contact Person : Mr. Nikhil Dubois Dubois

Contact Number : 020-26930100


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RND Automation Pvt. Ltd.

RND Automation Pvt. Ltd an ISO 9001 certified company based in Pune, India and is 175 km from Mumbai the financial capital of India. We design, manufacture and customize Poultry and Meat Processing Equipment. The Company manufactures from semi-automatic de-feathering plants to automatic conveyorized plants for processing between 300/hour to 4000 birds/hour. This is extensively utilized by both small scale and large scale processors and integrators. We have a Global Presence spread across; Belgium, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Abu Dhabi, Nepal, Libya, Nigeria, Sudan, Kenya, Surinam, Myanmar and still growing.
Our Product Range includes the following-:


  • Small slaughter units for shops. – HYCAB
  • A wide range of CENTRIPLUCK de-feathering machines. -500 GB , 1000 GB and 1500GB
  • Semi-Automatic processing with 'Strong Arm' for manual centralized processing.
  • Conveyorised automatic plants for automated centralized processing.
  • Stand alone equipment for Portioning / Gizzard Peeling/Deboning/Bagging /Packaging etc.
  • Further Processing Equipment like Vacuum Marinators , Tumblers, Choppers, Sausage Stuffer, Smoking Cabinet, Band saw etc.
We at RND Automation Pvt Ltd also assist in project planning, plant Installations, quality assessments, safety checks, maintenance and servicing for optimal performance. We help you to align new processes with existing infrastructure so as to assist you to accomplish your business objectives. Be rest assured of our quality service always.

Product / Services Offered

Killing Cones
  • SS 304 constructed with stand
  • Rotating Triangular, Hexagonal, Octagonal killing cone frame
  • Splash guard
  • Blood collection hopper
  • Blood collection plastic tub
Scalding Tank
  • SS 304 constructed tank with stand
  • Integrated with Hy-cab / Manual / Semi Automatic plants
  • Analog temperature indicator
  • Gas fitting arrangements
  • Allows dressing of birds in a hygienic manner
  • Insulated enclosed Scalding Tank with gas fitting arrangement and temperature gauge
  • Killing Cones with blood catch tray and plastic tub to collect blood
  • De-feathering Machine 5 Birds / Batch (Avg Wt 1.5 kgs/bird)
  • Evisceration Table and Double Sinks included
  • Portioning Machine to cut precise portions of the processed bird

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