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Symaga was created in 1985. Currently is a multinational family belonging to Garrido and exports to over 120 countries.
We offer a comprehensive service through our four divisions:
-Livestock equipment offers solutions "turnkey" for livestock projects.
-Silos, specializing in the design, manufacture and marketing of metal silos for storage.
-Agricultural equipment designs, manufactures and markets metal tanks for water and vineyard equipment.
-Steel works dedicated to steel work and plastic injection.
Our success is based on a philosophy that seeks customer satisfaction. Our two pillars are automated manufacturing and a great team of professionals.

Product / Services Offered

Symaga is world leader in the manufacture of steel silos for storage. 30 years’ experience and over 15 million m3 of storage space worldwide guarantee our capacity to tackle any project.

1. Symaga Silo

We have facilities in over 120 countries, with applications for different industries and product types: flour mills, breweries, bioethanol, feed factories, dryers, port industries, etc.
We manufacture with Z600g/m² y ZM250 g/m², galvanized corrugated steel, with a lifetime of almost twice than silos from other manufacturers. We offer flat-bottomed silos with a maximum capacity of 25,000m³ and 2,700m³ in silos with hopper and legs.


Our silos can be classified into the following types:
-Silos with flat or conical concrete base, for prolonged storage of large quantities of grain, seeds, etc.
-Silos with lower metal hopper, with angles of 45º or 60º depending on the fluidity of the stored product, for unloading by gravity.
-Silos for structure, used for unloading into truck or train.
-Small capacity, used for livestock farming.
livestock products - poultry
Our poultry equipment efficiency aims, ensure a higher conversion rate. Dishes Symaga versatile designs, and manufactures, taking care of selecting the material.
Symaga incorporated poultry range of PAL, expanding its range of poultry equipment for broiler and turkey.


PAL STAR. Easily access and clean.

Easy to clean.
Pan does not have to be totally disassemble, which opens with simply turn and remains suspended.
Convenient access from day one, pan height is 69mm.
Grills with 5 arms, an open space close to natural environment.
5 feed level flow.
Rotary Windows of the output cone and improves distribution with cone flaps. Feed Windows which allow a high filling level.

M80J. Guaranteed efficiency.

Larger pan. 125 mm in perimeter and 400mm in diameter.
It increases the space for birds, reducing stress and stimulating natural environment.
Ergonomic. Especially rounded edge which avoids damage.
Convenient access for day old chicken. Pan height is available in 2 different heights: 50 and 70mm.
Cone that improves feed distribution.
Easier to clean, it´s few parts.
Direct setting level by a thread.
Hygienic Bells Option. Prevents in and out day old chickens.

P14. Total resistance.

More resistant. Increasing the amount of polypropylene.
Grill with 14 arms.
Prevents the birds from in and out after 2 weeks andimproves the distribution around the plate.
7 feed levels.
Through rotary Windows of the output cone and improves distribution with cone flaps. Feed Windows which allow a high filling level.
5 grill bars options. For a more space to feed.
Supply Manuals Hoppers and Bells drinking.


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