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Team Agrotech Pvt. Ltd.

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CPM Pellet Mill

More and more industries are discovering the advantages of pelleting. The application possibilities of pellet mills in today’s process industries are virtually endless. In addition to animal feeds, other materials being pelleted by CPM customers include detergents, polyethylene, carbon, insecticides, RDF, sawdust, asbestos, pharmaceuticals, urea, polyesters, coal dust, latex, coffee, organic fertiliser, potash, charcoal, zinc oxide, herbicides, to name just a few.
As the world’s largest manufacturer of pellet mills, CPM has led the way in developing specialised pellet mills and dies to make pelleting both practical and economical while enhancing product value and manageability.

CPM Conditioners

CPM Conditioners provide the optimum preparation of mash prior to pelleting. The optimum conditioning of feed allows you to get the best performance out of a CPM pellet mill. It also gives a higher production throughput, better pellet durability and improved digestibility at a reduced pellet mill power consumption. Made from stainless steel and comes with a feeder magnet and optional features, our conditioners are definitely cost effective. Complete your CPM pellet mill with a CPM Conditioner to ensure that you get the best pellets.

CPM Cooler
A good pelleting system is never complete without a good cooler. That's why CPM provides coolers that give you optimum cooling and drying to cater to your needs. Designed with minimal floor space in consideration, CPM offers cooler in a variety of width and length with options to match their specific cooling needs. High efficiency and ease of operation.
CPM Crumbler


CPM Crumblers are well known for being high capacity and high efficiency in the market. Its compact installation and high quality construction make these machines one of the best available. Keeping its design simple throughout these years, you can rely on CPM for high efficiency and ease of operation always.


CPM Calspray


Spraying at the die using CPM Calspray, allows a higher proportion of fats to be included in the pelleting process, allowing the use of lower cost of raw materials, while maintaining pellet quality. CPM Calspray ensures that fat percentage is constant, regardless of pellet mill throughput. It also eliminates the problem of greasy pellets sticking during handling.


CPM Die & Roller Shells

Given CPM rich history of pellet pressing starting way back time, it is no mystery that our dies and rollers are as tough and robust as our pellet mills. Over the years, our CPM counterpart CPM Crawfordsville have improved and invested heavily in enhancing our dies. Their research in metallurgy and die development have proven so successful that even non-CPM customers are asking them to apply CPM expertise and produce die for their non CPM machines.
Learning from our counterpart, CPM Asia have adopted the expertise to offer it to our Asia region, so that we may better serve our worldwide customers base. Customer can now have a peace of mind knowing that their die will fit, straight easily. Technical support is now closer to them than ever.

CPM Hammer Mill
Champion hammermills are designed to meet almost any particle size reduction need and are capable of fine-grinding either friable or fibrous materials. These rugged, highly efficient hammermills offer standard and optional features for custom grinding and size reduction solutions and total dependability. On top of offering outstanding ease-of-operation, Champion hammermills are backed by the best support in the industry.
CPM Extruders

Take your pelleting process to the next level with CPM extrusion technology. Be it floating feeds or sinking feeds, you can trust our CPM extruders to do the task perfectly for you. Single screw extruder, twin screw extruder, or even a full extrusion package, CPM have it all available for you.


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