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Address :801, Sigma, Hiranandani Business Park, Technology Street, Powai,

Place : Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, 400076

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Vetoquinol India Animal Health Private Limited

For more than 80 years, Vetoquinol has been promoting animal protection and well-being. To this end, we develop, manufacture and market veterinary medicines and non-medicinal products with a permanent desire to innovate and be close to our clients.
The strong roots of Vetoquinol are the basis for of our culture, and this has been the case since our Group first started out. The same passion, energy, and commitment can be found in all our teams: scientific, industrial, commercial and administrative.
Each employee, wherever he/she is in the world, is proud to contribute to Vetoquinol's shared effort: enhancing animal health for the well-being of animals and people.
From the start, Vetoquinol's growth has drawn on strong values that guide the actions and decisions of each employee while unifying teams at an international level. Our relationship with our clients and suppliers, throughout the world, is based on honesty and loyalty.

Product / Services Offered

Cats and dogs, welfare first
For their favourite pets, cat and dog owners expect a level of healthcare equivalent to that which humans receive.
For veterinarians and pet owners alike, it is essential that the products be user-friendly, easy to handle and administer, and that they cover the full spectrum of pet diseases.
Vetoquinol therefore provides a wide and comprehensive range of products: against infections, pain and inflammation, for behavioural issues, urinary incontinence, liver disease, heart and kidney failure, and against external and internal parasites, as well as pet care and hygiene products.
Cattle farming
Vetoquinol is constantly innovating to provide fast and cost-effective veterinary care to cattle, respecting both the animal and the consumer.

Wide range of treatments and services

or over 80 years, Vetoquinol has provided a wide range of products to support veterinarians and cattle farmers in their daily lives.
Our areas of expertise are:
• The treatment of major infectious diseases: respiratory, digestive, locomotor and udder diseases,
• And related anti-inflammatory treatments.
The Vetoquinol range allows to treat close to 90% of clinical situations encountered by rural veterinarians on a daily basis.
In livestock production, in addition to making sure that the animals are healthy and well cared for, veterinarians are expected to minimise financial losses due to disease. Mastitis, for example, is an inflammatory reaction of the mammary gland. If left untreated, it can impair the cow's health and affect the quality and quantity of milk that the animal is able to produce.
In addition to its veterinary drugs, Vetoquinol has developed innovative services to optimise the profitability of cattle farms and allow veterinarians to better meet farmers' expectations
This range is complemented by a range of breeding products and services, and specific products, depending on the country.

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