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Zeus Biotech Limited

Zeus, The Supreme God of Greek Mythology, Ruler of Heaven and Earth, Provider of Energy, Protector of Life. Zeus Biotech Energizes and protects animal life by harnessing the power of microbiology.
Our mission is to make poultry / pig farming profitable to the farmers by harnessing the power of microbiotechnology in the field of animal health.
Biotechnology :
Biotechnology is the use of living organisms to make or modify products, plants and animals, or to develop micro-organisms for specific purposes. It is also about the use of micro-organisms as catalytic agents to produce useful materials or act in industrial processes.
Zeus Biotech Limited Invents and Innovates Biotechnologically derived Life Regulators.
Many Firsts to our credit :
Zeus Biotech produced the world's FIRST feed specific synergistically acting enzyme supplement POLYZYME from a single substrate in the year 1991 by Solid State Fermentation (SSF).
In the year 1994, Zeus Biotech introduced the world's first broiler specific probiotics enzyme feed supplement BROZYME, produced by fermentation of five new generation bacillus culture on a single substrate.
During the last decade, Zeus Biotech and its associate companies have brought out many innovative, 'all natural' feed supplements. They include double strain live yeast cultures fermented on the herbal-grain mash, specifically for monogastric animals and ruminants; herbo-mineral complexes for optimum egg production; organically bound micro-mineral complexes for all animals; yeast nucleotides and phosphorylated yeast mannuglucan oligosaccharides.
Production Units :
Two production units in Mysore with a Laboratory of International Standards, Zeus Biotech and its associates produce all natural world class nutritional and healthcare supplements for poultry, dairy, cattle, camels, goats, sheep, aquaculture and other animals.
Quality Policy :
Zeus Biotech Limited, manufacturer and exporter of animal feed supplements, ensures total customer satisfaction by abiding to the stringent customer specifications and their requirements, through optimum utilization of resources & continual improvement of system.
We strive to develop people by emphasizing, on the development of competence and skill of the employees and inculcate the culture of team spirit amongst them.
Food Safety Policy :
Zeus Biotech Limited ensures safe product realization throughout the process chain including post delivery activities by controlling hazard and critical stages at all point of operations.

Product / Services Offered

A feed specific synergistically acting multi-enzyme complex, produced by SSF technology.
  • Energises feed by 100 to 140 kilo calories/kg
  • Allows to incorporate cost effective feed ingredients and reduce feed cost
  • Improves nutrient value of feed
  • Improves feed consumption rate (FCR)
  • POLYZYME maximizes feed digestability by turning feed stuff into easily digestible and absorbable form.
  • POLYZYME helps generate Energy from fibre,
  • POLYZYME makes more nutrients-aminoacids  and  trace  minerals available to the bird.
Guarantees heavier & healthier birds, and tender meat in lesser time with better FCR.
BROZYME performance advantage
  • 50 to 120 grams extra body weight in 42 days.
  • Feed specific enzymes break down  NSPs in feed ensuring more nutrient bioavailability
  • Liberates NSP bound nutrients and minerals - bird gets crucial ingredients for growth
  • Reduces viscosity of the gut caused by NSPs – improves intestinal absorption of nutrients
BROZYME efficiency advantage
  • Reduced rearing time and improved feed efficiency.
  • Better feed efficiency and lesser wastage of feed.
  • Superior digestibility to ensure rapid growth in your chicks.
BROZYME health advantage
  • Less mortality.
  • Prevent gut pathogens to ensure gut health.
  • Lesser diseases, lesser medication expenses.
BROZYME quality advantage
  • More meat with less abdominal fat.
  • Better quality of meat for consumption.
BROZYME ecological advantage
  • Lesser ammonia and nitrogen excretion.
  • Cleaner sheds and greener environment.
BROZYME taste advantage
  • Superior quality lean, tender, juicier, tastier and healthier meat.
Double strain live yeast culture produced from Saccharomyces cerevisiae and Saccharomyces boulardii with Lactic ferments for poultry.
Sacchromyces cerevisiae in LIVESAC improves feed digestibility and absorption ratio. Sacchromyces cerevisiae maintains gut integrity of cells and helps to improve immunity in birds. It also balance the microbial flora in the intestine and stomach. The mannoglucans available in the media can bind mycotoxins.
Sacchromyces boulardii is unique among the hundreds of strains of the yeast species. Its mode of action is well understood, and corresponds to a real "shield effect" reinforcing the microbial ecosystem and protecting the animal’s digestive tract. This shield effect relies on three scientifically proven actions, limiting damages caused by clostridium difficile, reinforcing the integrity of the mucous and the epithelial wall and encouraging the growth of beneficial digestive micro-flora.
One of the main action of Saccharomyces boulardii is to reduce the pathogen load in the gut.  Saccharomyces boulardii also reinforce the favourable microflora in the gut.
LIVESAC is a natural & unique performance enhancer for Broiler, Commercial layer & Breeders.
  • Improves performance in broilers & layers.
  • Improves fertility and hatchability in breeding hens.
  • Maintains favourable microflora.
  • Prevents the load of protozoa and bacteria in the litter which helps to control the spread of disease throgh litter.
  • Increases the villi length in the intestine and enhances assimilation of nutrients, thus improving the FCR, growth and immunity.
  • Reduces ammonia levels in the gut.
  • Reduces E.coli & Salmonella load in the intestine.
  • Stimulates immunity and binds mycotoxins.
The organic way - fast efficient nutrient delivery
Trace minerals are very reactive and are subject to interactions including mineral to mineral and mineral complex with other feed substances. These reduce bioavailability of minerals. To add to this problem, minerals are subjected to restricted receptor mediated transport and also have limited organ or tissue transport. Therefore, they take longer time to reach tissues. Bioavailability of the minerals also vary between different sources of the same mineral, the salt form in which it is supplied, presence of other minerals, the process of extraction or production of minerals, etc.,
ORGANOMIN is the fastest and most efficient way of delivering trace minerals essential for maximizing production, minimizing stress and improving egg quality. Yeast fermented organic mineral proteinate complex gives trace minerals a green channel for absorption, and are not limited by inter-mineral interactions and are absorbed preferentially where otherwise they would have had restrictions. Thus trace minerals reach their target tissue faster.
ORGANOMIN is transported throughout the body efficiently and hence can reach target tissues like uterus, isthumus,bones, blood, feathers and even the brain in higher concentrations & faster as well.  Mineral retention in tissues are higher with ORGANOMIN.
ORGANOMIN is produced by fermentation of yeast with minerals. During fermentation, yeast peptides complex with minerals to form organic mineral proteinates. This mineral peptide complex is absorbed intact by peptide or aminoacid uptake pathways rather than the gated metal ion uptake mechanism.
Benefits :
  • Optimises mineral absorption, utilization and retention.
  • Increases breeding performance.
  • Maintains good quality egg shell and membranes.
  • Activates immune system and result in greater resistance to disease.
  • Supports and maintains cells, and helps development of bones & feathers

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