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Knowledge Day - a globally recognised technical seminar, that precedes the world class 3-day Poultry India exhibition. The much sought after event is a full-day affair beginning 9am and is dedicated to bringing about a change in the way we further the poultry sector. Knowledge Day attracts some of the world’s finest minds from Europe, US, Asia and Australia who speak on the science of poultry and latest innovations in the fields of breeding, hygiene, nutrition, animal health, poultry equipment and logistics.

More than 1500 delegates comprising poultry farmers, farm managers, poultry health & hygiene, and feed associates from across the country and beyond including Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Iran, Myanmar, China, Indonesia, Singapore, Turkey, Ukarine, Netherlands, Germany, Spain, among others.

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Speaker at Knowledge Day 2020

Mr. Michael Czarick III

Global Ventilation Expert

Popularly known as Mike, has Master's Degree in Biological and Agricultural Engineering from the University of Georgia USA.

Mr. Czarick has been the leader in the development of the use of tunnel ventilation to keep poultry cool during hot weather. The poultry industry in the U.S. and internationally considers him to be the father of tunnel ventilation. Through research and numerous field trials Mr. Czarick brought an engineering perspective to poultry house ventilation and developed the science of tunnel ventilation.

Mr. Czarick has become a world leader in the movement of the poultry industry to modernize controlled-environment housing. The modern broiler house is designed to allow the producer to precisely control the environment throughout the year.

Know more about his research and work in his Webinar at Knowledge Day 2020.
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