Eatala Rajender keeps promise to exempt Poultry from GST and helps place it in Agriculture sector

Poultry India Attracts Record Exhibitors for 10th Anniversary Expo In Hyderabad
'India has emerged as one of the largest and most significant poultry players in the world. Our focus has always been on exploring ways to further this phenomenal growth'
Hyderabad, December 3, 2016: Shri Eatala Rajender, Honourable Minister of Finance & Planning, Small Savings, State Lotteries, Consumer Affairs, Legal Metrology, Civil Supplies Govt of Telangana kept his promise and helped place India's vibrant poultry sector under the Agriculture category, thus keeping it out of the GST structure.
This momentous decision comes close on the heels of Shri Eatala's stirring speech during the inauguration of the 10th Anniversary of Poultry India's Expo which saw a record number of200 Indian and 50 international exhibitors from over 32 countries at the 3-day event which began Nov 23 at HITEX City. He inaugurated the event along with Animal Husbandry Minister T Srinivas Yadav
In his speech on November 22, Shri Eatala Rajender promised to resolve the problems of the poultry sector by taking them to the notice of Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao and that the Telangana government will extend all support to Poultry industry for sustainable development in the state.
The ministers visited the stalls and photo exhibition of the poultry sector and interacted with poultry farmers, federation leaders and businessmen involved in the poultry industry on their problems. Speaking on the occasion, Rajender promised to resolve the problems of the poultry sector by taking them to the notice of Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao. Rajender recalled that Dr BV Rao, considered as the father of poultry industry, got recognition to it on the world map.
Poultry India had recommended that the goods and service tax (GST) structure be tailored to help Indian farmers receive benefits from India-produced poultry equipment, keeping in mind prime minister Narendra Modi’s Make In India mantra. There should be a clear classification to end unnecessary disputes over customs duties. Taxes on eggs and chicken meat should be on par with other food consumables like grain and dal.
The event is annually organised by the Indian Poultry Equipment Manufacturers’ Association (IPEMA) and covered an area of over 15,900 sq m of exhibition space.
A day prior to the expo, Knowledge Day - the technical seminar that shed light on various factors that beset the Indian poultry industry - commenced. Nearly 950 delegates from India, South Asia and South East Asia attended the event. Knowledge Day was dedicated to bringing about a change in the way farmers further the poultry sector. Some of the world’s finest minds spoke on the science of poultry and latest innovations in the fields of breeding, hygiene, nutrition, animal health, poultry equipment and branding.
Poultry India is not merely the organiser of Knowledge Day and Poultry India Expo for the last 10 years, but has been making a significant change to the Poultry Sector in the country

Harish Garware, president, IPEMA, and member, Executive Advisory Committee said, “The two path-breaking Poultry India events are celebrating a decade. Poultry India has now metamorphosed into being South Asia’s biggest exhibition that brings together some of the finest names in the global poultry industry. India has emerged as one of the largest and most significant poultry players in the world. Our focus has always been on exploring ways to further this phenomenal growth.

“The Poultry India exhibition and Knowledge Day are to us key pegs in this endeavour. With the poultry sector in India now well on its way of growth trajectory, we now want a sustainable growth for all through accelerated integration with the world markets. These are our focus areas,” Garware said. “We are certain the 10th anniversary event - and through it, the poultry sector - has received positive attention in the form of a conducive regulatory environment in the country to attain these two focus areas."

At 65,000 million eggs and 3.8 million tonne of poultry meat per annum, India is the second largest egg and third largest broiler-chicken producer in the world, respectively. The market is estimated to be worth about Rs 90,000 crore.
Many industry watchers however believe India’s poultry players have the potential to give tough competition to major poultry-producing countries if the input costs were contained. There is a huge scope to grow further from the present estimates of 11-14 per cent per annum. Rural demand is picking up. It can also support the overall demand in the coming years.
These points were reiterated by Shri Devendra Choudhry, Secretary, Department of Animal Husbandry, Ministry of Agriculture, who delivered the keynote address at the Knowledge Day event. He praised the organisers while saying more needs to be done. Shri Devendra Choudhry suggested in clear unambiguous words that this vibrant sector needs to double farm productivity, enhance economic viability and market its produce through integrated processes facilitated by the Dept of Animal Husbandry.
Shri Devendra Choudhry also said that skill development for farmer-owners and farm employees will need to be taken on a war footing if India has to be placed as the world's best producers of poultry products. According to recent reports, the per capita consumption of chicken meat in India was estimated to be about 4kg and that of eggs was 57. This was way below the global per capita average of 11.2kg meat and 155 eggs.
Taking up from his cue and keeping in mind the urgency of Shri Devendra Choudhry's clear mandate, Poultry India has constituted a National Task Force comprising key associates from across the country. This is the first time a National Task Force with the Union Government Department as facilitator has been envisioned for the poultry sector.
The organisers have also urged the Union Government to urgently formulate an incentive scheme for poultry manure composting. The poultry industry currently faces a number of environmental problems including handling and disposal of large amounts of litter. These problems pose serious disposal and pollution issues unless environmentally and economically sustainable management technologies are evolved.
Poultry India uses funds accrued from this annual Expo to promote a Protein Campaign so that the nation eradicates rampant protein deficiency. This campaign which is lauded by the Central and State Governments also increases demand for eggs and chicken. Poultry India helps millions of semi-skilled and unskilled find employment in this sector thus generating rural employment programmes, especially for women.
Deepa Malik wows audience during Knowledge Day
Meanwhile Deepa Malik mother of two, who overcame spinal tumours, 31 surgeries and 183 stitches to win India a Silver medal at the Rio Paralympics, wowed the 1000-strong audience with her absorbing motivational talk at the Knowledge Day. The delegates, from all over the world, were moved with her sheer grit which made her soar above her disabilities and proved nothing can go wrong if you have the determination to succeed.
The Organisers are discussing the possibilities of making her a brand ambassador for Poultry India's Protein Campaign after she gave credit to her Rio success to her diet of 8 eggs and half a kilogram of chicken every day for nine months! She believes that alongside her tremendous determination and will to fight, it is the Vitamin D3 and proteins from eggs and chicken that lent a helping hand towards her Rio Silver.
The new-look, refreshingly new format Knowledge Day had expert speakers come from diverse sectors and competencies. Yet in a strange way they seemed to be aligned with what the poultry industry is all about and celebrated this decade of inspiration with valuable insights on the poultry business.
After Shri Devendra Choudhry's insightful keynote address where he spelt out the Central Ministry's direction for the poultry sector. Dr Linda Browningenhanced the understanding on the values of an egg. She explained the power of eggs to a human body and this augurs well for poultry farmers and egg producers as it means bigger uptake of their produce.
Dr Chandrasekaran shed light on challenges in feeding birds and his illuminating presentation made everyone sit up and take notice. Dr P. Mahesh detailed the transition of the poultry industry and where it needs to go from here.
Dr M.R. Reddy pointed us in the right direction by providing solutions on Diseases among Layers and Broilers while Vinay Kelkar pressed the right buttons on the issue of preventive maintenance for mechanised farms with simple solutions.
Kiran Khalap illustrated how our commodity - chicken and eggs - can be converted into a front-shelf brand and there were many take-aways from his presentation.
Legends Honoured
Poultry India also honoured Dr Vishwanath Dubey and Dr P. Selvaraj with the Legends Honour. These Legends helped India's poultry industry become one of the finest in the world.
Dr. Dubey is an eminent visionary and pioneer of social upliftment, and has revolutionized poultry farming and helped in development of the Indian Poultry Industry. To fulfil this dream he established Phoenix Poultry in 1972 to enrich the population with good energy and protein. He provided direction and sustenance to more than thousands of poultry entrepreneurs.
His vision provided direct and indirect employment to lakhs of people and promoted formation of Self Help Groups of Rural Women. Aspiring farmers have been helped to become independent to generate employment to village youths. His personal efforts gave rise to development of poultry industry in Madhya Pradesh. The poultry development in M.P. is phenomenal both qualitatively and quantitatively. In 1972 there were only 50000 birds in M.P. whereas today there are 60,00,000 laying birds and 3 crore Broiler birds to fulfil the demand. His effort has made Madhya Pradesh amongst the finest poultry pockets of India
Dr. P. Selvaraj graduated with B.V.Sc degree from the Madras Veterinary College and is now nationally renowned name in the Poultry Development in the country. He closely worked with Dr. B. V. Rao and continues to work with his successor Dr. Anurada Desai. When the whole country was suffering from hunger and poverty interwoven with malnutrition as a symbol of food insecurity parallel to Green Revolution he with a team worked for the development of poultry industry in Namakkal Zone and succeeded in creating Namakkal as EGG CITY in India and abroad. He also established the famous Selvam College in Namakkal.
Decade To Inspire
10 years ago a small group of Poultry farmers and poultry equipment manufacturers shaped an unorganised regional Poultry Exhibitions scenario.
It was important to have one, singular, globally recognised event at one strong, inclusive, internationally acclaimed venue. This would allow our farmers easy access to various equipment innovations and technology upgrades, feed and health processes of international standards. It would also help them learn to become more profitable and sustainable and thus compete with the rest of the world.
It was also important to help State and Central Government bodies be made aware of issues that confronted the industry from one inclusive forum. Their help was paramount if farmers and producers of Indian farming technology and equipment needed to develop and grow. The organisers' efforts have borne fruit. The 10th Anniversary of two influential events also celebrates its endeavors that have shaped the Indian poultry industry.
Mr Garware thanked the Government of Telangana and the Union Government for their immense support, his colleagues in IPEMA, members of the Executive Advisory Committee and the various state poultry associations. "All continue to be a source of strength, helping the poultry sector realise our Prime Minister's strong Make in India message because like him, we believe in being Swadeshi and Self Reliant," he said.

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