Successful Conclusion of Poultry India's Inaugural Technical Seminar in Nashik 

Poultry India's inaugural Technical Seminar, held in Nashik city, recently concluded with resounding success, uniting industry leaders, experts, and stakeholders for insightful discussions and knowledge sharing. 

Hosted on April 13th at Hotel Express Inn Nashik, the event showcased a diverse array of presentations, panel discussions, and felicitation ceremonies, shedding light on key issues and opportunities within the poultry sector. 

The event commenced with Ganesh Vandana and the Lighting of the Lamp by distinguished guests Mr. OP Singh, MD of ABTL, Mr. Krishna Gangurde, Mr. Udhav Aher, and Dr. B.R. Narwade (Regional Joint Commissioner Nashik). Additionally, the official YouTube channel for Poultry India was inaugurated by Mr. OP Singh, and the Monthly Newsletter was launched by past president Mr. Chakradhar Rao, alongside other esteemed delegates. 

"We are thrilled by the overwhelming response to the event and the valuable contributions made by all participants," stated Anil Dhumal, who delivered the welcome address. "It was a true collaborative effort aimed at fostering positive change and progress within the poultry industry." 

A highlight of the event was the keynote address delivered by Mr. O P Singh, a renowned figure in the poultry industry. Mr. Singh provided invaluable insights into the evolving landscape of poultry farming, addressing challenges and offering strategic perspectives for future growth. 

Distinguished speakers such as Dr. Mahendra Choudhary and Dr. Ajit Ranade shared their expertise on various aspects of poultry farming, welfare, and disease prevention. Their presentations ignited engaging discussions and equipped attendees with actionable insights to enhance their practices. 

The event also featured felicitation ceremonies, honoring individuals and farmers who have made significant contributions to the poultry sector, adding a touch of appreciation and recognition. 

Panel discussions provided a platform for interactive exchanges of ideas and experiences, fostering collaboration and innovation within the industry. 

  • Dr. Mahendra Choudhary addressed the topic of maintaining EC poultry houses and provided tips for managing heat stress. 

  • Akshay Dhumal discussed poultry housing and the performance of equipment related to it. 

  • Ms. Shruti Aher Naik explored new trends in poultry consumption. 

  • Dr. Milind Chavak focused on preventive diseases and their prevention strategies. 

  • Dr. Ajit Ranade highlighted the welfare of poultry as a major concern for farmers. 

  • Mr. Sanjay Deore outlined incentive subsidy schemes introduced by the Maharashtra Government. 

On this occasion, Sri Dr. B.R. Narwade (Regional Joint Commissioner - Nashik) also explained his views of the Poultry Sector and he was also joined by Dr. Prashant Dhramadhikari (Deputy Director), Dr. Sanjay Shinde (District Animal Husbandry Office – Nashik). 

Honoring Shri Samadbhai, felicitating the speakers, and acknowledging farmers were carried out by Chakradhar Rao, Sanjay Nalgirkar, and Op Singh. 

President of Poultry India Mr. Uday Singh Bayas, had made a video presentation of Poultry India Glimpse's 2007 - 2023 and the journey covered with all the support of the Poultry industry fraternity. Further expressing gratitude and also giving invitation to the Poultry industry to visit the 16th edition of Poultry India to be held from 26-29 November at Hitex, Hyderabad and to make the event a grand success and accordingly concluded the event by extending thanks to all attendees, speakers, sponsors, and organizers for their unwavering support and participation.