Union and state governments to lend poultry a stronger helping hand

  • More than 32,000 visit 11th Poultry Expo 2017 which attracted record 300 companies from across the world
  • Renowned experts wow 1200 delegates at Knowledge Day
Hyderabad: Following Shri Suresh Prabhu, Union Minister for Commerce and Industry's video message of hope for the poultry industry, Shri Etela Rajender, Minister of Finance & Planning, Telangana, pitched in to ensure poultry doubles production and thus significantly increases incomes for farmers.
Both senior union and state government ministers made these promises during the November 22 launch of the 3-day 11th Poultry India Expo 2017 that concluded on November 24 in Hyderabad.
Shri Prabhu apologised for not being present at this globally renowned event - the biggest in South Asia - but ensured the poultry sector will get its due for its stellar performance as one of the driving forces that has made India self sufficient in eggs and poultry meat.
"I am immensely happy at the manner in which the poultry sector has progressed into being among the world's best. My ministry will do all it can to ensure this vibrant sector and its millions of farmers doubles production and incomes," the Commerce and Industry minister said. His ministry is in the process of finalising a policy to create economic opportunities for farmers and rural youths through implementing projects and entrepreneurship programmes.
Shri Etela Rajender, Minister of Finance & Planning, Telangana once again stood up for the state's poultry farmer and opened up a slew of benefits that will further uplift the poultry sector which is one of the thriving sectors under Animal Husbandry in the state.
"The goodness of eggs as the cheapest protein in the world is a fact and beyond debate. I want to emphasise that Telangana, under the stewardship of Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao, will continue to be the role model for the country's poultry sector and bring prosperity to the state's poultry farmers, poultry meat and egg producers, feed manufacturers and the animal health industry," he said while emphasising subsidies among other benefits will continue to be given to this sector
Prime Minister Narendra Modi had exhorted Young CEOs to put their hearts and minds to double production in the dairy, fisheries and poultry sectors which has resulted in the Ministry of Food Processing Industries pushing forward programmes to enhance a strong and dynamic food processing sector that plays a vital role in reduction in the wastage of perishable produce, enhancing shelf life of food products, diversification & commercialisation of agriculture and creating surplus for the export of agro & processed foods, among others.
The ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare has also avowed to help women play multi-dimensional roles in poultry farming, among others. Women are involved in 48 percent agriculture-related employment whereas 7.5 crore women are playing a significant role in milk production and livestock management. The Ministry's aim is to ensure women contribute effectively in production and productivity, get better livelihood opportunities, to build their abilities and to increase their access to input technology.
"This is in sync with the beliefs Poultry India holds dear," said Harish Garware, President, Indian Poultry Equipment Manufacturers' Association (IPEMA), organisers of the 11th Poultry India Expo (November 22-24) and Knowledge Day Technical Seminar (November 21) at HITEC City Hyderabad..
"There are newer challenges emerging which again, I'm happy to note, are proactively responded to by the state and central Governments, for Poultry sector to grow further and contribute towards the national food and protein security. 
"Chicken and Eggs are the most secular, economical, easily available and are the finest form of proteins. If we emphasise this in a sustained manner through the kind offices of our Central and state ministers we easily double consumption -  and thus production - and be in line with the country's vision to be not just among the world's best but be THE world's best!
"Prime Minister Modi-ji's Make In India mantra is a big boon for us. It shows our Government's determination to safeguard our sector's best practices and international standards so that we continue to produce world class poultry meat and eggs. In short, the Government of India is walking the talk!
"Also, thanks to these welcome Government initiatives, India will greatly reduce the incidence of protein deficiency that is rampant in our country. As we all know India is protein deficient. More than 70 percent population do not receive the required protein measure of 1gm of protein for every kilogram of bodyweight)," Mr Garware added.
Mr Garware thanked the Government of Telangana and the Union Government for their immense support, his colleagues in IPEMA, members of the Executive Advisory Committee and the various state poultry associations for making the Expo one of the finest in the world. There is a huge scope to grow further from the present estimates of 11-14 per cent per annum. Rural demand is picking up. It can also support the overall demand in the coming years.
Poultry India Expo - biggest in South Asia - had attracted a record 300 major companies from India and abroad and drew over 32,000 business visitors across 5 exhibition halls at the HITEC venue which is become the pride of the City of Hyderabad.
The primary aim of this Exhibition is to help keep abreast of latest developments and practices in poultry management, poultry health & nutrition, poultry breeding and new techniques in feed manufacturing and poultry production. Poultry farmers, breeding companies, integrators and animal health nutritionist can see the progress of their peers and review the usefulness of such procedures and practices for their national and international poultry productions.
India ranks sixth (using FAOSTAT rankings) on global poultry landscape. Domestic poultry industry is the fastest growing segment. India’s broiler production for 2017 is projected to increase by 7.5 percent to over 4.9 million tons. Demand for processed chicken meat is projected to grow between 15 to 20 percent every year. Layer production for 2017 is forecast at 84 billion eggs, up 5 percent from 2016. Poultry industry is estimated at over Rs.90,000 Crores and is one of the prime industries focusing on food and nutritional security of the nation.
Knowledge Day 2017
A day prior to the Expo, Knowledge Day - the technical seminar - shed light on various factors that beset the Indian poultry industry. More than 1200 delegates from India, South Asia and South East Asia saw some of the world’s finest minds speak on the science of poultry and latest innovations in the fields of breeding, hygiene, nutrition, animal health, poultry equipment and marketing.
As always Knowledge Day 2017 benchmarked discussions with subjects and speakers who came from diverse sectors and competencies. Yet in a strange way, seemed to be aligned with what India's industry is all about and where it needs to go!
Guest of Honour Dr MJ Khan, Chairman, Indian Council of Food and Agriculture provided his perspective on what the Government has in mind for the poultry sector which was a much needed eye opener.
Keynote speaker and industry stalwart BS Soundararajan kicked off the day's proceedings with illuminating viewpoints which was like a spreadsheet for success. Dr Anthony Pearson, Padmashree Dr Sharad Kale, Dr Fernando Cisneros, Dr Mike Bedford, and Dr Prajapati also shared valued thoughts.
Bringing the event to a close was the ebullient Pawan Agrawal who, in his remarkable style, showcased the phenomenal inspiration that is the Mumbai Dabbawala where everyone thoroughly enjoyed his unique presentation.
The 12th edition of Poultry Expo 2018, will be held on November 28, 2018.
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