Why Poultry Farmers Are Flocking to AI

Poultry farmers are always searching for solutions to improve operational efficiency, curb the spread of diseases, cut costs, and bolster total output. These farmers are the latest in a long line of industries embracing artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to overcome age-old challenges as well as modern obstacles and disruptions.  

The latest generation of AI and machine learning tools are poised to help farmers meet the ever-growing food demands of the United States. Below, we explore why farmers are flocking to AI. 

The Role of AI in Poultry Farming

Both artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies can assist with three critical areas of poultry farming.

1. General Farm Management

Poultry farmers can access real-time insights into their farming operations with AI technologies. They can then use this data to control their poultry houses' temperatures, light, humidity, and other environmental conditions. By optimizing conditions through AI, farmers can promote better animal health and increase operational output.

2. Disease Management and Control

AI technologies can streamline disease diagnoses by identifying concerning poultry behavior, such as cannibalization or huddling. Leading-edge solutions can even translate "chicken chatter" and detect voice fluctuations that are precursors to diseases. 

3. Genetic Research

Poultry farmers can use smart sensors to gather essential data about their animals that they otherwise wouldn't catch. Then farmers can then use AI and machine learning solutions to analyze that data, improve poultry genetics, and make flocks more resilient to diseases. 

The AI Solutions Revolutionizing Farm Management 

Several poultry farming AI solutions are in the works, but two are already impacting industry.

Galleon, a microbiome intelligence tool developed by Cargill, allows farmers to assess flock health by analyzing microbiomes. Farmers can use these insights to guide nutritional decision-making processes and improve overall flock health. 

Birdoo, conversely, is a camera monitoring platform that delivers contextualized information to farmers in real time. It supports poultry farmers by granting access to various computer vision, machine learning, and AI solutions.

These solutions are just the start of AI-driven poultry farming and are already revolutionizing how poultry is produced. With so many technological advancements underway, various sectors, including agriculture, will be able to transform their processes and improve output. 

Source - Thomas Insights

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